Roof Care: 4 Reasons to Inspect Your Roof Post-Winter

Friday, February 13th, 2015 by Scott Siegal

Many of us spent winter staying indoors, laying low, napping. Unfortunately for your roof, it has to keep working throughout the year. In fact, with the kind of winter we have here in DC, it might as well be working twice as hard.

The challenging conditions brought about by the cold season can damage your roof. Once the weather clears, it's important to have expert Washington DC roofers inspect it.

Here are some things to watch out for:

  1. Damaged flashing. Flashing is a metal sheet installed over roof joints, such as chimney, vents, and dormers. They're meant to stop water from damaging the roof. Flashing troubles aren't exclusive to winter, but difficult weather can cause extra strain.

As soon as the weather permits, have a qualified roofer check for missing, cracking, or rusting flashing. Don't wait until it's too late to fix failed flashing. This will prevent a serious leak on your roof.

  1. Physical damage. This can happen a lot if you have trees that are too close to the roof. When heavy snow falls, overgrown branches may drop and damage the roof surface. This may result in cracked shingles or punctured roofing boards. Small animals looking for warmth may also use overhanging branches as a bridge to get to your roof. They can gnaw away at the soffit and fascia boards, exposing your roof’s inner structures to the elements.

Physical damage is easy enough to spot. If you see one, call in an expert roofer to perform fixes right away. If there are missing or severely damaged shingles, you need to have them replaced right away. Loose shingles must be fastened securely in place to avoid blow-offs. Have your roofers repair damaged soffit and fascia boards when needed.

  1. Leaks. Snow can melt and make its way underneath the shingles. If you don't have a good waterproofing layer, your roof decking can get soaked. This can weaken your home's foundation and lead to leaks eventually.

Leaks appear as dark stains on ceilings, walls, and other house structures. However, it takes a trained eye to pinpoint the real source. Don’t attempt to fiddle with suspected areas yourself!

To avoid causing further damage, leave the task to a qualified roofer. Have them conduct a thorough inspection of your attic space, where leaks tend to occur the most. Should they find one, ask them to repair it promptly to avoid costly headaches down the line.

  1. Problematic gutters. Like the rest of your roof, your gutters can have an especially hard time during cold months. Snow, ice, and debris may accumulate in blocked or inefficient gutters. These things can clog the troughs, which means that water cannot flow freely into the downspouts.

The challenging weather can also cause the gutters to sag or tear away from the rest of your home. Don't wait for this to happen before you call experts! It's best to have them inspect the gutters before and after winter to remedy problems before they get worse.

Here at Maggio Roofing, we've seen our fair share of gutter and roofing problems. As an expert roofer in Washington DC with years of experience, we've inspected, repaired, and replaced several roofs in the area. We’re well equipped to help your roof recover from the winter issues mentioned above. Give us a call at (800) ROOF-495 today.

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