The Benefits of a Professionally Installed Skylight

Friday, February 6th, 2015 by Scott Siegal

Some people think that skylights are luxury additions to a home. This isn’t exactly true, as installing skylights has many benefits, such as improving your home’s lighting, visual appeal, energy efficiency, and overall comfort. It’s even better when it’s put up by your professional Washington roofing contractors. Skylights bring in sunlight during the day and add drama to the exterior of your home at night. When combined with expert installation, it produces a powerhouse project for your home.


One of the many benefits of a professionally installed skylight is its flawless appearance and quality. Here at Maggio Roofing, our team is adept in handling various skylight installations, as not all skylights are the same. Some are designed for flat roofs; others work well on a pitched roof. We can help you assess the needs of your architectural structure and design before making the installation.

We only use top-quality products such as Starlight Skylights, which are manufactured by ORCA Manufacturing Inc. It is the first and only skylight to offer the unique “double flashing” system for sloped shingle roofs. It’s also virtually leak-proof and is available in a range of residential and commercial models with many glazing options. The good news is that our installers can mount it in a fraction of the time of a normal install.


Unlike a DIY install that doesn’t have a lot to offer, our Starlight Skylights are available in standard or custom sizes, shapes, and colors through special order. With this number of options, you can certainly find something to match the unique architectural design needs of your home. This is also where a professional install is deemed valuable: You can enjoy the benefits of skylight variety and the convenience of a quick install all rolled into one.


Natural sunlight is the best source of lighting for your home or office. Additionally, it also makes your room prettier and warmer. It does a great job in enhancing the value of your living room or any other space.

Our Starlight Skylights also provide a superior, clean, and smooth appearance, nothing like the riveted look that some have.

A skylight installation is a complex job to the untrained; you may experience water and air leaks when skylights are improperly installed. Since you are purchasing a top-notch product, why not integrate it with an expert install? Here at Maggio Roofing, our skilled roofing contractors in DC treat every skylight installation like a special project. We can help you give your home a gorgeous makeover.

If you are ready to make the smart choice and install skylights, just give us a call at (800) 766-3495.

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