Repair or Replacement: Determine What Your Roof Needs

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014 by Scott Siegal

Decision making requires the weighing of important facts to arrive at the most sound option beneficial to you in the long run. Regret isn’t an option, especially when it comes to your most important investment—your home.

Among all the components of your house, the roof is your primary line of defense. It is prone to impairments from its daily exposure to elements. If you are experiencing problems from your damaged roofing system, it’s time to decide whether you need roof replacement or roof repair in DC.

A company of expert roofing contractors in Washington DC, Maggio Roofing helps homeowners to decide whether the roof is up for a repair or for replacement.

The first step of the process is to examine the roof. If you have sufficient experience of assessing it accurately, you can do it yourself. For a thorough inspection, though, we at Maggio Roofing suggest calling professionals because they have undergone the necessary training. Assessment will let you know what the problem is, and from there, you can lay down your options. It’s important to take note of the severity of the damage.

Determine if the damage can be fixed with just repair. It is also important to note if a repair will address the issue only for the time being and if it will be a recurring matter. In this case, replacement is the most advisable option. Considering your finances, comparing the cost of repair versus replacement is your next priority.

If it’s just a simple leak, minor repairing would be sufficient. If the problem is worse than what a simple repair can manage, replacement would be best. Talk to an expert roofing contractor. Here at Maggio Roofing, we help our clients arrive at the most informed decision, taking account of all the factors, including the gravity of damage, the materials, and your budget.

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