Improve Performance and Savings with the Right Roof Material

Monday, October 13th, 2014 by Scott Siegal

In choosing a roof, performance and savings should be kept in mind. A roof should be able to provide adequate insulation to your home and protection against the weather. In addition, it should also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your house’s exterior. Furthermore, the right choice can even help you save money through energy efficiency.

There are various roof materials available on the market to choose from. Each has a unique benefit to your home. Maggio Roofing, the most reliable team of roofing contractors in DC, can provide many options to DC homeowners. At Maggio Roofing, your options include the following:

  • For flat roofs, FiberTite can provide better puncture and tear resistance as well as enhanced protection from chemicals and UV radiation.
  • For shingle roofing, we offer the traditional three-tab shingles from GAF. If you want thicker architectural shingles, we have products from CertainTeed. These are durable against wind, rain, and other environmental conditions.
  • Slate is an old roof material that is still a popular choice today. Though this type might be a bit expensive, it is long-lasting and highly durable against harsh weathers.
  • Metal roofing can be made of steel, aluminum, or copper. It comes in a variety of designs that emulate the style and beauty of other roof materials. This durable material offers superior protection against weather extremities without the expensive cost.

With all the aforementioned features and benefits of each material, selecting the right one for your home is now easier. If you need help choosing the best roofing type for your home, Maggio Roofing is a team of Washington roofing contractors that can assist you in making a decision.

Our team of trained craftsmen will assess your roof to give sound recommendations. Remember, selecting the right material could lead to better performance and savings. For more information, give Maggio Roofing a call today.

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