Singling Out Architectural Shingles: Highly Recommended Roof

Tuesday, September 30th, 2014 by Office

If your desire to make your home in Washington aesthetically appealing, you know that you have to do some remodeling work on your exteriors. There are plenty of ideas to go over and there are certainly a lot of projects to tackle: from doors and windows, to patio and siding.

But we can suggest one rather substantial part of your house that will make your home stand out almost immediately: your roof. The style of your roof is easily noticeable to neighbors and passersby alike.

If home remodeling is in order, the roof is a good place to start. Maggio Roofing, your professional Washington roofing company, would like to walk you through the specifics, like:

•    What materials do you want to use? •    What colors do you prefer? •    What texture would best suit your taste?

If choosing seems rather confusing, we suggest utilizing architectural shingles. Simply put, architectural shingles are a special type of shingle that comes with an additional layer to provide a three-dimensional look to your roof. It does this by laminating the lower portions with an additional asphalt layer. The result is more color depth, extra durability, and enhanced texture.

Compared to other types, architectural shingles can be a bit heavier but they are still light enough not to require any additional support structure underneath them. They can be used to replace any current shingles without additional work. Of course, you will like it that architectural shingles are designed to tolerate harsh weather conditions and are exceptionally durable, typically lasting 30 to 50 years.

If it’s clear to you now that this is the kind of roofing suits you, Maggio Roofing can be of assistance. We’ve served various needs for roofing in Washington DC and have expertly installed various materials on a range of home styles. We have invested on experience and expertise necessary to provide you with the best service possible. For more information on architectural shingles, give us a call today.

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