FiberTite Roofing Membranes: Do's & Don'ts to Prevent Roof Leaks

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014 by Office

In Washington DC, where severe weather conditions like blizzards or nor’easters are not an uncommon occurrence, it pays to install a sturdy roof material. Shifting weather can be blamed for damage to our homes such as water leaks and ultimately, failing roofing systems.

Furthermore, having leaky roofs will render your gutters in Washington DC useless because the water that should be flowing through it will find its way to go straight inside your home. Now that can be a real problem.

To reduce the risk of leaks and shield your home from ice and water intrusions, we compiled some helpful Do’s and Don’ts:


  • Constant inspection of your roof to help identify and remedy a problem before it results in further damage.
  • Properly ventilate your roof to reduce the risk of snow buildup which leads to leaks when melted and ice dams.
  • Ask the help of professional roofers in your area on what to do in order to avoid water leaks.


  • Do not use corrosive chemicals to melt snow off your roof in attempt to reduce leaks. This might damage your roof materials.
  • If using a roof rake to remove snow, do not pull across the roof because you might damage it.
  • Do not use mechanical equipment or heaters in your attic because they are a fire hazard, and overly warm attics lead to ice dams. Stick to insulation.

There is such a thing called roofing membranes that is placed over the roof before shingles are installed. Its primary function is to lessen, if not eliminate the risk of leaks.

Maggio Roofing offer this solution in a product called FiberTite, which is regarded as one of the industry’s heaviest base fabrics. With its proprietary knit design, it is guaranteed to deliver superior puncture, tear resistance, excellent flexibility, as well as chemical and UV resistance.

With this additional protection for your roof, you won’t have to worry about water penetration in your home again. Trust your Washington DC gutter repair specialist, Maggio Roofing. While winter is still a few weeks away, call us today and allow us to provide the ice and water shield solution you need.

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