Solar Roofing: More Than Your 'Green' Roofing Option

Friday, August 22nd, 2014 by Office

With all the negative effects of global warming and climate change in our planet and our lives, more and more people are turning "GREEN," preferring products that help in saving our environment over those that are harmful. Of course, this includes materials & systems we use in our roofs.

That's why solar panels are a growing trend in the market as people are now seeing the advantages of having one fitted on their roofing system. But aside from the environmental merits of this roofing alternative, what are the other benefits you can get from having this innovation working on top on your roof?

Solar Roofing System’s Other Benefits

•    Reducing Energy Costs The sun is an unlimited source of energy, and it's also free. Obtaining part of your everyday energy consumption from the sun will significantly reduce your energy consumption, therefore considerable reducing your monthly energy bill. And because solar panels require almost no maintenance after installation and have a long working life, investing in solar roofs provide long- lasting energy for generations to come.

•    Outstanding Insulation Solar roofs are an effective way to insulate your home. Because the light from the sun reflects on the panels on your roof, it effectively helps in keeping your home cool during hot summer days.

•    Higher Property Value With the growing popularity of solar systems, more homebuyers are becoming interested in this renewable energy technology. Homes that are "solar-ready" are becoming in demand in the market. Home appraisers are even including the value of a home’s green features, including solar power systems, into their appraisals, thus increasing your home's value.

All these amazing benefits you can easily get by calling the most skilled in the area of solar panel installation among the roofing contractors in Washington DC, Maggio Roofing. We provide high-quality solar roofing products and our team is well-versed in solar roofing installations. If you want to know more about our solar roofing products and services, feel free to call us and we'll be more than happy to answer your queries.

Aside from solar roofing, we also provide other roofing services - from new roofing installations to roof repair in DC, MD, and VA. For all your roofing concerns, contact Maggio Roofing and we'll provide you with a free estimate on your next roofing project.

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