Terne-Coated Metal Roofing Q&A: Uses and Benefits

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014 by Office

Maggio Roofing, expert in roof and gutters in Washington DC, offers the new and improved Terne-Coated Steel roofing. What is it and how can it benefit your home? We have the answers to satisfy your curiosity about this innovative product:

What is Terne? Terne originally is an alloy consisting of 80% lead and 20% tin, but due to the environmental and health hazards of lead, manufacturers started using zinc instead. Terne is used to coat steel or metal sheets to provide superior protection against corrosion.

What does Terne II does to your roof? Now, Terne-coated steel roofs are a popular choice for residential as well as for commercial use as it provide outstanding protection against harsh weather conditions. Terne II also has excellent formability, solderability, and affinity for paint, allowing installers easily form this roofing product with conventional roofing tools. And because of its toughness, it also ensures a long lasting performance that can surely stand the test of time.

Who can I trust if I wanted Terne-coated steel roofing in Washington DC? For any Terne-coated metal roof and gutter installation in Washington DC, the most trusted is Maggio Roofing. We have the experience (of almost 25 years) and the expertise (of a well-trained team) to know that we have what it takes to be the premier roofer in Washington D.C., Montgomery County Maryland, and Northern Virginia area.

In addition to Terne-coated steel roofing, our team is well-versed with other roofing material options such as slate, tile as well as asphalt, synthetic, wood shake shingle roofs, and even roof-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems.

That’s why if you want a dependable roofer to install Terne-coated roofing in your premises, the best way to do is have us, Maggio Roofing, do the job.

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