Prepare your roof against storms through gutter repairs

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014 by Office

According to this weather report from

Watch for some damp pavement and a few pockets of fog as you make your way out. While an early passing shower is possible, the primary daily shower/storm threat will come in the afternoon and evening. With each passing day, our chances for rain will increase, culminating on Thursday and Friday. As far as temperatures are concerned, the mercury will be pushing deep into the eighties (if not flirting with 90) by Wednesday. Showers will back the temperatures down briefly, but the humidity will be oppressive.

If the higher temperatures in DC are any indication, summer is now in full swing. And while we associate summer more with heat and humidity, it also brings about severe weather like thunderstorms that can dampen the fun out of any sunny day.

From heat waves to thunderstorms, how can your roof take all that abuse?

The answer to that question is simple: Gutters.

The primary task of the roof is to act as a line of defense against the weather. When your roof is battered by rain, where does all that water go? The gutters siphon all the water away from the roof and the foundation of your house, ensuring that water doesn’t build up - an occurrence that can potentially damage your house structure.

But when the gutters get damaged, whether because of clogging or the brunt of weather, make sure you contact a contractor like Maggio Roofing that can handle your Washington DC gutter repair and maintenance.

As we always strive to be on top of the game when it comes to home improvement, to replace or improve your traditional gutter systems, we provide our customers different kinds of gutter systems made from advanced materials and features that ensure superior performance and easy maintenance.

The rain might be too hard for your traditional gutters system, and getting the right gutters in Washington DC is essential if you want to prevent roof damage that can cost you thousands of dollars. Make sure you trust contractors like Maggio Roofing that has access to the cutting edge of gutter technology that ensure a durable and complete roofing system. Contact us today!

(Article Excerpt from Washington D.C. Weather Forecast: Daily shower and storm chances continue,, June 10, 2014)

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