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Many people are apprehensive about the idea of employing roofing contractors, mostly due to the costs associated with such an endeavor and the difficulty of finding truly reliable ones. However, the services of professional roofers are both essential and beneficial; particularly when it comes to protecting your home from the many threats that could endanger your entire household.

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Highly skilled and experienced Washington roofing contractors can help you protect your home against the change of seasons through proper preparation and maintenance. When you have top quality roofing materials installed by the experts, you are less likely to deal with repair or maintenance issues no matter what the weather is. An article in Mother Earth News shared a few things you can do to prepare your home for the winter:

Clean out your gutters.

If you have any trees near your house, then chances are that once all the leaves have fallen, you’ll have rain gutters that are absolutely full of debris. Clean these out before the weather starts to get any worse, otherwise you could have to deal with water buildup and ice damage.

Check the roof.

If you have any missing or damaged shingles, you should hurry to get them replaced before winter arrives. Also check to see if you have any significant air leaks coming up through the roof, and have them repaired if you do.

An experienced and reliable roofer will provide you with utmost protection and comprehensive information against structural damage and health hazards. Sometimes, it’s not enough to do basic roofing repair and maintenance. You will need the experts to conduct thorough inspections, particularly when you are struggling with hefty energy consumption bills.

Proper installation and maintenance of energy-efficient roofs can result in more benefits than you can imagine. For one, you get to save your wallet and the planet. All the seemingly expensive upfront costs that you have to deal with when working with professional roofing contractors will definitely pay off sooner than you think.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t be difficult to find credible Washington DC roofing companies that offer remarkable customer service and a full range of exceptional roofing solutions. Companies like Maggio Roofing cater to both residential and commercial properties. Go for a roofing company that offers no-obligation inspections as well as the installation of other reasonably-priced products that can further enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of your home.

(Article Excerpt and Image from 10 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter, Mother Earth News, 10/28/2013)

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