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When it comes to anything related to home improvement, you shouldn’t be content with second-rate service. Your roof, for instance, deserves the expert touch and care of reliable roofing contractors from DC, New York, LA, or wherever it is that you live. Kurtis Gilbreth says it best: “A roofing install is a science, not an art. A contractor who does the job right will take the time to understand the unique requirements of your home and then follow industry best practices to make sure their work is good for decades.” DC Roofing Contractors  Washington DC  Maggio Roofing - Image 1 What makes one set of DC roofing contractors “better” than the other, however, can be a tad subjective and you may have doubts about working with a particular roofing company which looks great only on paper. For simplicity’s sake, it’s best if you hired a contractor which has a number of certifications, licenses, and long years of service under their belt. Take Maggio Roofing for instance; a contractor that’s partnered with some of the best roofing manufacturers in the country and has a 23-year career working with households in Washington DC and Maryland. Contractors like them also have reliable insurance and warranties that guarantee top-notch workmanship for their clients. Roofing warranties are particularly important because they provide you with benefits in case your brand-new roof fails to meet your expectations; for example, GAF, a leading roof shingle and tile manufacturer, assures you that their products can withstand 130mph winds from hurricanes and thunderstorms. Should they get damaged or dislodged within this threshold, they will offer you a roof replacemen, free of charge. The warranty is also transferable, meaning that in case you sold your house to a brand-new owner, he or she will benefit from the same warranty that you did. This is one of the things real estate buyers keep an eye on whenever they’re window-shopping for houses for sale. These things are definitely worth having, but they shouldn’t be your only motivation for hiring the best Washington roofing contractors. First and foremost, your home will greatly benefit from a quality roofing job because this means that you wouldn’t have to worry about water leaks, costly roof repairs, and potential health hazards as much as those people who settled for cheap contractors. The best contractors can also provide other services that would make your home improvement projects less of a hassle, like reliable gutter inspections, skylight repairs, and solar roof installations: things that are definitely too complex for the untrained to handle. (Article Excerpt and Image from Why A Proper Roof Installation Is Important, Kurtis Gilbreth)

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