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Monday, November 25th, 2013 by Office

An article posted on the Washington City Paper website discusses the giant step made by the D.C. council to “take solar power into the digital age,” as the article’s title states:

Digital AgeThe Community Renewable Energy Act, which just passed unanimously, will make it possible for people without their own rooftops to reduce their monthly electricity bills by means of solar power. Until now, if you wanted to use solar power to cut your bills, you pretty much had to have a roof or another surface where you could install solar panels and connect them to your Pepco meter. If you were a renter or lived in a condo building, you were basically out of luck.

This bill allows groups of people to invest in solar power on sites they don't own and to dial back their Pepco bills digitally. So if there's a solar installation somewhere in D.C., a resident can buy into, say, 10 percent of it, and then one-tenth of the electricity produced by the installation will be deducted from the person's Pepco bill.

Clearly, the council sees the benefits that solar power can give to the city. Isn’t it time you saw things the same way and add a worthwhile function to your roof?

Having a DC roofing professional install solar panels to your home offers many benefits. Combined with the fact that solar technology is getting more and more affordable, solar panels could be the answer you are looking for if you want to reduce your utility costs and affect the planet positively.

Good for the environment

Solar energy is renewable energy, meaning it is virtually inexhaustible. Moreover, the way solar panels operate has very little impact on the environment. To produce energy for the home, all these devices need is space and sunlight. If the environmental impact of your energy source is of great importance to you, then look no further than solar panels.

Lower energy bills

You can eliminate your monthly electricity bills completely if you have enough solar panels to power your property. Although they initially require a large investment up front, they pretty much pay for themselves over time. Additionally, they require very little maintenance, which can allow you to recover your investment faster.

If you want to experience the benefits that solar panels can give you, feel free to ask a trusted DC Washington roofing company like Maggio Roofing. The city’s residents have long relied on such companies for solar-integrated roofing.

(Article Excerpt and Image from D.C. Takes Solar Power Into the Digital Age, Washington City Paper, Published October 1, 2013)

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