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Before and After Pictures from Washington
Copper Chimney Flashing Replacement in Washington, DC

Copper Chimney Flashing Replacement in Washington, DC

Before After
Copper Chimney Flashing Replacement in Washington, DC Copper Chimney Flashing Replacement in Washington, DC

This home's chimney was poorly sealed and was leaking. Shingles were also coming up around the water damaged area because of warping. To deflect water and keep a tight seal for leak prevention, we fabricated a copper cricket and flashing to install at the base of the chimney. All in a day's work for the experts at Maggio Roofing!

Flat Roof and Skylight Replacement, Washington, DC

Flat Roof and Skylight Replacement, Washington, DC

Before After
Flat Roof and Skylight Replacement, Washington, DC Flat Roof and Skylight Replacement, Washington, DC

This flat roof had a skylight that was improperly installed, and the homeowner wanted an estimate to replace the rest of the roof. We put in a new skylight, and installed a full FiberTite roof which deflects water off the building. Now the roof is safe from damaging leaks!

Roof repair and water redirection in Washington, DC

Roof repair and water redirection in Washington, DC

Before After
Roof repair and water redirection in Washington, DC Roof repair and water redirection in Washington, DC

The previous installation did not have proper water drainage, and it was causing leaks. Maggio Roofing was called out to give an estimate to repair these roof leaks.  We sealed the area and installed a custom copper gutter and scupper to allow water to flow off the roof.

Expert Roof Repair & Replacement Services in Washington, DC

For a FREE no-obligation estimate in Washington, DC, please fill out the form to the right and Maggio Roofing will contact you shortly.

The process, from estimating to completion, has been very pleasant....
Happy Customers Surrounding Washington, DC
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Reviews From Washington
Testimonials From Washington
We are very pleased with all of the work Maggio did for us.
Testimonial by Kathleen C. from Washington, DC
Thanks for going the extra mile and getting this all done right.
Testimonial by Marty Z. from Washington, DC
I’ll definitely use Maggio again.
Testimonial by Ted M. from Washington, DC

Washington, D.C., the U.S. capital, is a city on the Potomac River, bordering the states of Maryland and Virginia. The city is mainly comprised of historic buildings and monuments in a neoclassical style, and is home to the U.S. government's three main branches: the Capitol, White House, and Supreme Court.

The city is home to a populace of around 672,000 while commuters from the surrounding Maryland and Virginia suburbs raise the city's population to more than one million during the workweek. The city hosts 176 foreign embassies, as well as the headquarters of many international organizations, trade unions, non-profit organizations, lobbying groups, and professional associations. 

Washington, DC's Leading Roofing Contractor

If you're looking for a proven, reliable roofing company throughout the Washington, DC area then you've come to the right place. Maggio Roofing is your local roofing expert for a wide variety of roofing services for residential and commercial properties alike. Whether it's repairing a minor leak or replacing blown shingles to a brand new roof installation, Maggio Roofing does it all.

All of our roofers are highly equipped, trained, and certified in a a large range of roofing tasks and techniques. All of our crew members are committed to serving you in the best way possible, and bring the reassurance and care that you've always wanted from the professionals tasked with taking care of your home.

In addition to roof repair and replacement, Maggio Roofing is also proud to offer solar solutions for homeowners who are interested in taking the next step in eco-friendly, energy efficient solutions. 

Maggio Roofing has over 25 years of experience providing high quality roofing services to the greater Washington, DC area. Our company is committed to providing every customer with a positive and rewarding experience that results in getting the perfect roof at an affordable price.

We are constantly striving to improve our company and better serve our customers, and we pride ourselves on providing unmatched service paired with an undeniable amount of expertise. As a leading member of the Certified Contractors Network, you can know for a fact that you're only getting the best when you choose Maggio Roofing to handle all your roofing needs. 

Roof Repair Services You Can Count On

When it comes to repairing your roof, Maggio Roofing are the experts that you can count on to handle the job right. Our company is equipped to handle any kind of damage to your roof, whether it's blown shingles, a sprung leak, or more.  Our roofing specialists will fully examine your roof to make sure that the structure is intact and secure before moving forward with repairs.

Once all issues are properly identified, we'll go over all options for repair before moving forward. We also understand that natural disasters and freak accidents can happen at any moment, which is why we're proud to offer emergency roof repairs for those who are in need of a quick response. When it comes to Maggio Roofing, you can know that you're getting the best product and response possible. 

High Quality Roof Replacements Throughout Washington, DC

While the prospect of getting a full roof replacement can be a massive undertaking for many home owners, sometimes it's unavoidable due to the major damage your roof has sustained over the years.

Maggio Roofing brings an unmatched level of confidence when it comes to our roof replacement services. We specialize in a wide variety of roofing materials as to better complement your home's exterior, and bring you the vision for your home that you've always wanted. For example we provide metal roofing, flat roofing and slate roofing.

Some telltale signs that you may be in need of a new roof include: 

  • Roof is very old or past warranty
  • Missing or broken shingles
  • Bare, curling, or buckling shingles
  • Numerous broken tiles
  • Damaged flashing
  • Cracks allow water or daylight through


If you're in need of any of our roofing services don't wait! Call or click today and receive a FREE estimate on any of our services!

Case Studies From Washington
The customer had noticed shingles had been blown off of the roof after a bad windstorm
We inspected a porch roof. The rear porch roof had been leaking for some time and even the wooden ornamental corbels began to deteriorate and rot
The original roof was old and damaged and was causing leaks throughout the house.
Job Stories From Washington, DC
Hydro-stop Roof System & Slate Repairs in NW Washington, D.C.

Mr. C in NW Washington, D.C. noticed that his roof was leaking. With several late season snows, Mr. C did not want to take any chances. He searched the internet for Washington, DC's best roofing company. And who did he find? Maggio Roofing Company.

Maggio Roofing Company sent out Steve Zisserman to perform a free estimate. Steve and his team found that the damage was more severe than it had initially seemed. But Steve and his team were ready for the challenge. They got deep down to the roof's foundation and removed all the old membranes and coatings which had failed from age. They used Acrylix 400 metal primer and Hydro Stop foundation coat to the roof surfaces and walls. They applied Hydro Fiber into the entire foundation coat on all surfaces and a Hydro-Stop finishing coat to all surfaces before the installed new slates to the roof. They even took out the out rusted tin valleys from the front dormer valleys and installed new 16 oz. copper ones in their place.

Once the Maggio Roofing team was finished, Mr. C had a beautiful new roof. With a 10-year materials warranty and a 5-year workmanship warranty, Mr. C won't have to worry about severe weather for a long time.

New roof With Skylight Installed in NE Washington, D.C.

Ms. M knew that her roof needed some work. It had been years since her family had had anyone look at the roof. With the series of spring storms, she knew it was only a matter of time before the roof would start to leak. So when her neighbor told her about the great job their family had done on their roof, she had to know who it was.

Maggio Roofing Company was there to take care of Ms. M and her family from the moment she called to get her free estimate until they cleaned up the job site when they were done. Maggio Roofing Company is known as the best roofers in the DC area for a reason.

Steve Zisserman and his crew ensure that new roofs are only laid down when the frame is still sturdy and sound and they use the most sturdy and long-lasting materials. They laid down CertainTeed brand underlays and Winter guard ice & water shield membrane as the base of the roofing system. Steve and his team also used Certainteed Landmark PRO series architectural shingles, which come with a lifetime material warranty. They also installed a new Smart Vent brand ventilation system along with all the edging and flashing. The new Velux deck mount venting low energy glass skylight with screen also comes with a 10-year no leak warranty.

Maggio stands by their work, with a 10-year contractors warranty. And Ms. M couldn't be happier with the way it looks.

Skylight Repairs in NE Washington, D.C.

When Mr. A and Ms. H noticed that their skylight was having some leakage, they immediately called their favorite roofing company in the DC area, Maggio Roofing Company. They had worked with Maggio Roofing before and loved the work they had done before. 

Steve Zisserman, who had worked on their home before, came and assessed the situation with the skylight. He noticed that the old skylight was not up to the current building codes and set his team to work on raising the skylight curb to meet those regulations. They made sure to install a new, regulation height, skylight curb and installed a new Velux FCM 2646 tempered aluminum flat low E glass skylight. the made sure the hatch area was sealed with ISO insulation and modified bitumen patch, as well as giving a white finished trim to the skylight interior to give it a more finished look that matched their home decor. 

Steve and his team also made repairs to the roof hatch and made sure to apply a layer of aluminum fiber coating to all the patched and fixed roof areas. 

Mr. A and Ms. H no longer have to fear leaks. Not only is everything sealed up tight, Maggio provided them a 1-year workmanship warranty. Now the family can enjoy their skylight without worry.

NE Washington, D.C. Family Gets a New Roof

Mr, C and his family noticed that after the early spring storms, his aging roof was starting to lose shingles. Worried that their roof would not survive the upcoming summer thunderstorms, he knew he needed to look for the best roofing company in the DC area. Mr. C noticed in his neighborhood paper, an ad for Maggio Roofing Company. He gave them a call and made an appointment for Steve Zisserman to come and check the state of his roof.

Steve saw that the roof was indeed due for a replacement, so he worked with Mr. C and Mr. C's insurance company to find the most financially feasible way to provide Mr. C and his family the best quality new roof he could within their budget.

The Maggio Roofing Team removed the old roof and checked the frame and roof deck for damage before they started. They installed new perimeter edge metal, CertainTeed winterguard brand ice & water shield membrane to eaves, new CertainTeed Landmark Architectural shingles, aluminum step flashing and counter flashing for the chimney, CertainTeed brand ridge ventilation system to roof and sides of the peak, smart vent soffit, and new pipe collars on the rear roof. 

Mr. C and his family are so happy with the new roof and knew they will be prepared for any upcoming summer storms, backed by a Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on materials and a ten-year Contractors Warranty. 

No More Missing Shingles on N.E. Washington, D.C. home

Ms. J and Mr. A. had been living in their NE DC family home for decades. Spring storms finally took their toll on the aging roof, knocking off shingles and damaging the collar to their ventilation pipe.

Ms. J. knew that her neighbor Ms. C. had had some work done by the quality roofers of Maggio Roofing Company. She called for help and Maggio Roofing Company sent Steve Zisserman out to take a look. After Steve estimated the damage, Walter Marroquin-Valles and Nery Agustin headed up the work team which was sent out for repairs.

Walter, Nery, and their team of skilled roofers removed the remnants of the damaged shingles and installed brand-new slate shingles of the same type. They also installed two brand-new copper pipe collars to the ventilation pipes.

Ms. J. and Mr. A love the work that went into fixing up their roof. Join them in learning why so many neighbors recommend Maggio Roofing Company.

Aging NW Washington, D.C. Home Gets Refurbished

When the mansard roof of Ms. L's NW DC home began to show signs of aging, she decided it was time to think about a replacement. After searching on the internet for the best roofing company in the Washington, D.C. area, she found Maggio Roofing Company. 

Dave Barry and his team were on the job. They not only found places here bed molding, the soffit, and facia boards needed to be replaced, they also found that the pipe collars on the roof had previously been installed incorrectly. They gave Ms. L a new apron to the roof and new flashing on both the roof and the porch roof. They even installed leaf relief to her gutters.

Now Ms. L's roof looks brand new and will keep out even our summer's most severe storms.

Old Roof gets Refurbished in NE Washington, D.C.

Ms. G in NE Washington, DC knew her roof was old. Nothing lasts forever and she worried that she was going to have to start the process of having the old roof replaced. She remembered the work that had been done by the Maggio Roofing company team before and called them to see what she could do.

Maggio Roofing sent out Steve Piccirelli to assess the state of the roof. There were some superficial damage and the wear and tear of age, but the structure of the roof was still in good shape. Steve and his crew set out to clean the roof of the aged coverings and coatings and replaced the worn out roof hatch with a brand new metal skinned wooden hatch. They installed new gutters and downspouts to the rear eve of the roof. They used HydroStop primer and rust inhibitor over the metal parts of the roof and a HydroStop Foundation coat and HydroFiber over all the flat seams in the roof. They used HydroStop Finish coat in color to match the previous roof color over the entire roof surface.

Ms. G of NE DC can now rest assured that her roof will maintain its good shape for years to come, backed by a 10-year materials warranty and a 5-year workmanship warranty. No one would ever know she hadn't had a brand-new roof installed.

Rebuilding a roof after the storm in NE Washington, D.C.

Prolonged periods of heavy rain and wind have reeked havoc upon area homes, causing widespread damages. A NE Washington, D.C. family found themselves suffering those same types of damages after the storms blew a portion of their roof membrane off. With water coming into their home through multiple places in their roof, they needed immediate help.

They searched the internet for the best roofing company in the Washington, D.C. area and immediately saw Maggio Roofing company. After a quick call to Maggio's, the family met with a work crew who inspected the damages and patched the damaged area until the period of storms stopped. 

As soon as the weather allowed, Steve Piccirelli and his team rushed out to take care of the job. They removed all the old and damaged roofing and decking, including the old skylights. They ensured that the skylights were reinstalled up to the new building codes and lay down a brand new FiberTite roof with all the best flashing and piping. They installed new vents and curbs with all the latest waterproofing technology.

With a 20-year limited warranty on materials and a 10-year warranty on the workmanship, this NE DC family can enjoy their lives without the worry of the weather outside.

New Shingles in NW Washington, D.C.

The frequent and severe storms this spring have been hard on roofs. When a NW Washington, DC family lost a large number of shingles from their roof, they did what so many of us do, they searched Google for the DC area's best roofing company. In their search for the best roofers, they found Maggio Roofing Company. 

Steve Zisserman and his team met with the family and got to work on not only repairing all the slates that had been lost or damaged but in installing Kynar coated aluminum counter flashing to the front porch wall in a reglet fashion.

With a 5-year manufacturers warranty and a 1-year workmanship warranty, this local family could rest safe in the knowledge that their home will be protected from future storms

NE Washington, D.C. home gets a skylight upgrade

After many years of enjoying his doghouse style skylight, a NE Washington, DC resident noticed the fixture was wearing out. He contacted Maggio Roofing Company to replace it.

Steve Zisserman came out and took a look at the skylight and came up with several options for new skylights. Together with the Maggio Roofing Team, the resident decided on a new Velux venting curb mounted skylight with clear low E glass. After having frosted glass for many years, the new clear glass would allow even more light into the home. Steve and his team raised the skylight curb to comply with new building codes, installed interior wood trim and installed the skylight, complete with screen and pole.

With the gorgeous new skylight in place, this NW DC resident can enjoy the beauty of natural light in his home, confident in the 5-year manufacturer's warranty. On top of that, the Maggio's Roofing Team provides a 1-year workmanship warranty. Maggio Roofing company stands by their customers and their work.

Relief from the Storm on 48th Place NE Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth Gillem of NE Washington, D.C. suffered damage to her home after a particularly strong storm. She searched online for the best company to repair her roof and gave a call to Maggio Roofing.

Maggio Roofing sent out Paul Welch to check Ms. Gillem's roof. Luckily, although there were significant age and damage to the exterior of the roof, there were no leaks. 

Paul and his team took out the old rotting soffits and fascia and replaced them with new. While there were there, they also uninstalled an old fire alarm system that no longer functioned.

With the new fascia cover and vinyl soffits, the roof looks new again.

Ms. Gillem loves the work Maggio did and how it looks.  "It's beautiful!"

Leaking Roof Repaired in NW Washington, D.C.

When a NW Washington, D.C. resident noticed his roof was leaking, he remembered seeing a sign for Maggio Roofing in his neighbor's yard. He gave Maggio a call and they sent Steve Zisserman and his team out to take a look.

Steve found 5 areas in the step seams that needed repair. He and his team set to work!

The Maggio team not only fixed the leaks, they also put in two new 8" IB vents to connect to the interior exhaust system. They installed 66 feet of aluminum wall coping for the party walls and added flashing to the flange bases of both vents. 

Where once there were leaks, Maggio left a clean and leakproof roof. Maggio also has the roof under a 1-year workmanship warranty, so the owner knows that Maggio has him covered, even if the strong spring storms continue.

Torn and Loose Shingles Repaired in NW Washington, D.C.

When a NW D.C. family found their roof in need of repairs, they knew just who they could rely on to fix it, the professional team at Maggio Roofing.

The family was so thankful when Steve Zisserman and Dave Barry rushed out right away to take a look. Together with their team, they removed all the torn and loose shingles from around the roof. They installed ice and water chield over any exposed sheathing to make everything watertight and prevent further damage before they went to work replacing the shingles. Steve made sure that he put down shingles to match the rest of the roof, working them seemlessly back in with the rest of the roofing.

Once Steve and Dave and the Maggio's team were through noone would ever know from looking that there had been any damage to the roof at all. The family can enjoy the security of knowing that their roof will protect them from the elements. "We really appreciate having a fixed roof!"

Shingle Replacement in NW Washington, D.C.

When recent bad weather left this NW family with missing shingles on their roof that threatened leaks in their attic, they knew just who to call, Maggio Roofing.

Paul Welch and his team identified the areas where shingles were lost and got to work right away to patch everything up and replace the missing shingles.

With the hard work of Maggio's team you would never know a shingle had gone missing.

Weather-worn roof gets a makeover in NE Washington, D.C.

After years of wear and tear, this NE family home was in need of a new roof. 

With an internet search the family found Maggio Roofing and set up an appointment for someone to come and take a look. Steve Piccirelli and his team removed all the old roofing, replaced any damaged orrotting wood of the roof and decking, and relayed the top three courses of brick on the rear parapet wall. They installled a brand-new FiberTite roof, with new attic vents, and reinstalled the skylight with new weather stripping. The rear facet of the turret roof was treated with ice and water shield membrane. New Land-Mark shingles and flashings were  installed on the FiberTite roof and the access hatch had a new water tight cover put on.

With its new roof, this charming NE home will continue to be enjoyed by the family for many years to come.

Shingle Repair On Newton Street NW Washington, D.C.

Michael had some damaged shingles where his front porch and his neighbors met on his rowhouse. He knew just who to call for the repairs, the team at Maggio Roofing.

Maggio Roofing sent out Antonio Moscoco to take a look at the damage. Antonio and his team installed new ice and water shield over the wood, installed new GAF shingles and metal edging, and installed a new chimney cap.

Now Michael's porch and his neighbor's connect seemlessly.

From leaks to a new roof on Brandywine Street NW Washington, D.C.

Elizabeth had a leaky roof. Water was coming into her front foyer. She searched online and found Maggio Roofing, who were more than happy to send someone to come and take a look.

Steve Zisserman went on and discovered the extent of the problem and determined that there was a rotten frame and threshold under the doors. The Maggio team removed all the damaged material and replaced the threshold and framing and put on an entirely new roof. They put on new down spouts and flashing, new drains, and installed a new FiberTite roofing system.

Elizabeth's foyer can now return to the dry and welcoming part of her house she deserves.

Leaf Relief on Lanier Place NW Washington, D.C.

Kenton was having problems with leaves. Not only were his gutters filled with leaves, his scupper boxes and downspouts were too. 

Kenton knew exactly who to call, the trust team at Maggio Roofing. They rushed to do an Emergency Cleaning Serivce for Kenton's gutters and scupper boxes.

The Maggio crew also replaced 30 feet of downspout on the rear roof and installed Leaf Relief over the upper gutters and the 2 scupper boxes to prevent the backup of leaves in the future.

Kenton shouldn't have to worry about leaves again for a long time.

New Roof in NW Washington, D.C.

Mark was looking to replace the metal roof of his porch in NW Washington, D.C. which had worn out due to weather and age. After searching online he found Maggio Roofing.


Mark set up an appointment for someone to come and take a look at the condition of the porch roof. Steve Piccirelli of Maggio Roofing went to take a look and confirmed that the weather-worn roof needed a full replacement. Steve worked with Mark to determine the best replacement option for him. They decided on a FiberTite roof for the porch.


The crew at Maggio Roofing removed the rotten portions of the porch roof and replaced whem with pre-primed lumber before they began laying down the new roof. Once the foundation was in place, they installed the FiberTite roof.


Now Mark can enjoy his porch, secure in its stability and weatherproofing for years to come.

Saint Dominic's Church

This winter was one of heavy snow for the DC Metro area. Our friends at St. Dominic's Church found that the snow on their roof had pulled off a large portion of the slates and snow guards on their roof as well as a large portion of the gutters that were there. They called Maggio Roofing in to help.

"After the snow storm damage occurred, we contacted our insurance company and Maggio Roofing. The Maggio staff quickly developed the cost to complete the repairs, negotiated the cost with the insurance company and came to agreement on the final price while keeping in constant contact with the church staff."

Our project estimator, Steve Zisserman, was sent out to assess the damage that the storm did to the building. As you can see from the statement above, Steve promptly developed a solution to the situation and proposed it. Our proposal included replacing the eight rows of slates and putting in new snow guards along the edge of the roof. Additionally, new ice and water shield was installed along with copper gutters.

"Whenever it rained, we were catching 20 gallons or more of water in the attic so it was important that the repairs be accomplished quickly. Once the contract was signed, within days, the scaffolding was erected, the damaged slate removed, and the roof was made rain tight. Shortly thereafter, the slate and gutters were replaced and the site was cleaned/restored. All the work was accomplished quickly and professionally."

Once the proposal was submitted and signed, our foreman Luis Agustin, quickly completed the job to avoid any further damage that the elements might cause. The completxity of the church roof included multiple surfaces that were not walkable and required us to set up scaffolding, which was also quickly acquired and setup. In the included pictures you can see the damage to the roof before the work and the completed job by our skilled craftsman under the guidance of Luis.

Saint Dominic's Church - Photo 1Saint Dominic's Church - Photo 2Saint Dominic's Church - Photo 3Saint Dominic's Church - Photo 4Saint Dominic's Church - Photo 5Saint Dominic's Church - Photo 6
Work Requests From Washington, DC
Varnum St NW in Washington
My skylights leak and the roofer who I hired to replace my roof didn't complete the job. He left flashings incomplete and damaged my skylights. Also I would need some gutters installed properly including a downspout going where it's supposed to. I was hoping to schedule an estimate.
G Street NW in Washington
We have a small Leak around a rooftop Pipe enclosure. It look as if it just needs to be resealed. I can send pictures when you send an email, but my boss is wanting the situation to be taken care of ASAP. please let me know if you can assist. thanks
in Washington
The roof is extremely old and in need of serious replacement or repair. I saw an advertisement in a yard in the 20002 zip code and I'm in need of an estimate. Thanks
K St SE in Washington
Issue with flashing/seams on roof (row house) that is possibly responsible for water damage inside of the home, and there is a partially remaining chimney that needs to be removed
Ingraham St NW in Washington
We have a leak in our upstairs master bath, coming from the exhaust fan. It's minor but I want to get it checked out asap before it becomes a bigger issue. I assume it's a leak from the roof, but not sure. We also have solar panels on our roof, just FYI.
in Washington
Need a quote on some flashing, patch work on flat roof of condo building. I have a structural engineer who will be with me to explain. Trying to get an appointment this Friday.
in Washington
There is a leakage. Not sure if it is from our roof or the neighbors roof. Our wall is being impacted.
Ingraham St NW in Washington
The Hydro System for our Metal Roof seemed smart and our roof is in good shape however there is and never was a protector on it. Its bare, a good cleaning and protector seal would help with longevity. Thank you.
Benning Rd SE in Washington
The site has (2) two multi-family buildings and both are in need of repair.
E Capitol St NE in Washington
Looking to replace the roof for an entire DC city block condo. Was looking into the Tesla roof, but wanted to see the options and cost savings for other solar opportunities
Channing St Ne in Washington
We have a big leak I. The master bedroom
M St. NW, in Washington
Roof leaking. Need estimate for roof repairs/replacement
Raum St. NE in Washington
Would like an estimate on a slate roof replacement.
in Washington
Roof replacement needed for DC row house and detached garage.
Newton St NE in Washington
I have found pieces of slate in my yard and can see that there are some slate tiles missing. Also, there's a piece of fascia hanging loose off the back of the house and some of the gutter fasteners are loose or missing. I'd like an eatimate to addr as these issues. My house is currently rented so unless I need to be there, I will not be present. Please email me to set up a time, get additional info, etc. Thanks!
Hamilton ST NW in Washington
A new roof was put on in 2013. I have three issues that need correction. 1. I have several Timberline shingles missing on the front of the house that need replacement. They were blown off during a storm. 2. I have a small leak that I think is coming from around the stack pipe that goes through the roof. 3. A section of guttering in the back of the house needs to be replaced. It was damaged by snow sliding off of the roof last winter. I am not interested in making an insurance claim to cover these issues. Email is the best way to contact me. I will return phone calls, as soon as possible, if you leave a message.
Decatur PL NE in Washington
My attic is too hot and I want to make sure there it has the proper ventilation in place.
in Washington
I have a rowhouse with upper and lower roofs. Possible leaks (found water puddle in basement), and lower roof is not in great shape. Want to diagnose immediate problem and also get overall assessment of lower roof.
Riggs Road NE in Washington
Hi, I'd like to get a cost estimate for repairing a leak in one of the bedrooms and also for existing cracks in the roof. I'd also like to get an estimate for roof replacement options.
Aspen Street in Washington
Residential roof replacement
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