Take Spring Time as Gutter Time

Friday, March 13th, 2015 by Scott Siegal

Artwork of a man cleaning gutters on a clear day.

While you can tend to your DC roofing any time, experts like us recommend scheduling roof maintenance during spring. The much more stable and comfortable temperatures and the lack of any extreme weather disturbances mean many weeks of free reign to focus on preparing your home for the seasons ahead. Your gutter, in particular, is something worth focusing on.

Preparing for the Rainy Season

The gutter system is designed to handle water run-offs. Specifically, it directs water away from other parts of your home and into the downspout so your house is free from potential water damage. During fall and winter, all sorts of debris can build up and collect in and around your gutter, preventing water from properly flowing.

A clogged gutter puts your home at risk of various problems, such as leaks. You may also have a compromised roofing structure, as the gutter may pull away from the roof due to the added weight of the collected debris or water. While the damage might not be readily apparent, it can lead to costly repairs down the road. Why spend more on repairs and replacements if you can avoid that altogether by making sure your gutters are cleaned regularly?

Avoiding the Rush

When it comes to roofing maintenance, one important thing to remember is that many others are likely to schedule gutter works during spring so it pays to set up an appointment early on. You really want to catch the earliest days of spring so you aren’t too hard-pressed when summer rolls right on in.

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