Going ‘Green’ At Home? Try Solar Integrated Roofing

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014 by Office

Going “Green” at home? If you bent on espousing it, how about adapting the use of solar integrated roof to replace your current roofing? To know more about this environmental-friendly option, Maggio Roofing, and its team of professional roofing contractors in DC, answers some of the Frequently Asked Questions about this efficient roofing innovation.

What is it? A solar integrated roofing system is composed of thin-film solar laminates integrated into a new roof. This type of solar roofing system is the most popular choice among homeowners as this is relatively lightweight than hard-panel solar systems. Also, thin-film produces more energy under low light conditions than glass panels as it is made with three separate layers called multi-junctions. Unlike conventional hard panels, they enable these modules to utilize all ends of the light spectrum to produce electricity. That’s how efficient it can get!

Why do I need it? Well for starters, because you harvest your own energy for home consumption, it will definitely help in reducing your monthly electric bill. Also, there are significant incentives for going solar that can save you up to 2/3 or more on installation costs! These include federal income tax incentives as well as state grants and county property tax incentives, net metering, and Renewable Energy Credits. This means more savings every month.

Aside from the financial benefits, using renewable solar energy helps in the preservation of the environment as it reduces your need for fossil fuel for energy that is said to cause Global Warming and Climate Change.

Furthermore, a solar system in your home increases the value of your property. Recent studies have determined that for every $1 decrease in your annual energy bill returns a $20 increase in property value. This is made even more valuable since there is legislation in place that makes sure your property taxes remain the same even though the home value, by itself, has increased due to the solar installation.

What should I look for when selecting a Washington roofing contractor? Choosing a highly qualified roofer like Maggio Roofing, the most dependable among the several Washington roofing contractors, is the best way to go. We have a team of well-trained and experienced roofers that could easily handle your roofing needs – even solar integrated roofs.

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