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It’s rare to find a house that doesn’t have rain gutters nowadays; it's gotten to the point that nearly everyone takes them for granted. According to the renowned home improvement website Kudzu, “gutters funnel water off of the roof and away from your home, which protects your siding, windows, doors and foundation from water damage. While that sounds important, many homeowners don't realize how much damage can occur when their gutters are clogged, leaking, or broken.” Oftentimes, it’s only when things have deteriorated so badly that homeowners finally realize the importance of regular gutter maintenance.

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For some places, like Washington DC, where the weather can quickly turn for the worst, a faulty gutter system will have huge consequences in the future. This is why most roofing contractors, like Maggio Roofing, also install and repair all types of gutters in Washington DC, in addition to their standard roofing services. Throughout their years of experience, they know that gutter problems are best tackled if they are spotted and fixed early on, preferably before the onset of heavy rain and snowfall that the District is known for.

Winter, in particular, is a cause of concern for some contractors because this is when gutter systems typically suffer from ice dams. True to their name, ice dams contain huge amounts of melted ice that accumulate in the gutters; the water not only causes moisture damage, but also adds more weight to the gutters themselves. If the water and ice buildup aren’t removed immediately, the entire gutter system may collapse from the combination of overloading and water damage; either of these can weaken the structural integrity of any gutter system by themselves.

Even Washington DC's 2013-2014 winter season will most likely be much tamer and less powerful than what the District is used to, any amount of snow (and the occasional bouts of freezing rain) still has the potential to cause damage to any home. If a gutter system is no longer as efficient or durable as it used to be, homeowners like you are advised to hire contractors who can conduct gutter inspections. Should it turn out that you need a new gutter, be sure to hire the best Washington DC gutter installation experts.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Why are gutters so important to my house?, Kudzu)

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