Learn more about Maggio Roofing's recent work requests in Silver Spring, MD
Dale Dr in Silver Spring
House is on market. - Concerns about attic ventilation after discovering some sort of growth in attic ceiling. - flat roof over rear sunroom is older and needs some sort of sealant, perhaps -gutter guards on main roof need adjusting- water flows over the guards. Don't think it's a cleaning issue. Interested in cost-effective solutions. Thank you.
LADYMEADE DR in Silver Spring
I would like to have my roof shingles renew.
N Noyes Drive in Silver Spring
Interior leak at juncture of flat and pitched roofs.
Hopefield Rd in Silver Spring
Water stain on rec room roof. A soft piece of plywood on roof.
Fern Street in Silver Spring
Flat roof repair.
Heartfields Drive in Silver Spring
Missing shingle and leak
Willow Wood Drive in Silver Spring
Two shed roofs need replaced. One is 10x10 the other is little bigger 10x12
Woodland Drive in Silver Spring
Hi. We have signs of leakage in our 9-year-old flat roof. I work at home and hope to get an estimate this week. Please contact me and let me know when someone can come out. Thank you.
Moline Rd. in Silver Spring
Need new roof, flashing, gutters, & downspouts
Luzerne Ave in Silver Spring
Hello, We recently purchased our house and were told that there were some issues with our roof. I need to have an expert come out and inspect our roof and gutters. Thanks, Deval.
Carriage Sq Pl in Silver Spring
I am having solar panels place on my roof, but before I do this I want to see if I need my roof replaced.
in Silver Spring
Need a new roof and new gutters.
Burnt Ember Drive in Silver Spring
Leak in roof in two separate areas, needs repair.
Upland Dr in Silver Spring
Roof replacement
Pickwick Vil. Ter. in Silver Spring
The wind blew some shingles off the roof need estimate for repair.
Northwest Drive in Silver Spring
Roof near end of useful life has some mold on north side South side good candidate for solar Can you made relatively small add to house to turn roof over breeze way 90 degrees to face south l
Hewitt Ave in Silver Spring
We are attempting to get a proposal for a flat roof replacement, white roof system and to Remove and replace all aluminum coping. I look forward to hearing back soon!
Sheffield St in Silver Spring
Would like to get estimate on roof
Langside St. in Silver Spring
I think roof is leaking from furnace vent on he roof
Castle Cliff Court in Silver Spring
In the heavy storms I've had water pouring in two sliding doors on the back side of the house from the top & also appearing to get in from the bottom. Most water accumulation is closest to chimney. Rotting wood adjacent to gutter directly over sliding door. Observed other rotting wood needing replacement. Sliding Doors need proper flashing/caulking. Possible roof replacement??? Also need rusted aluminum on top of chimney replaced.
Kingsbury Drive in Silver Spring
We have a slate roof on house and garage. Just looking for someone to take a look and see if any shingles need to be replaced. No problems.
MANOR SPRING TER in Silver Spring
Wind during the last two days damaged a small section of shingles where the roof joins a dormer. It hasn't rained, so I don't know if it will leak or not, but shingles are bent and lifted off of the surface. Need an estimate to repair. We notified insurance company, but we have a large deductible so will likely be paying cash for repair. Thanks.

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