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Solar Roofing FAQ

There are many benefits to solar roofing systems. Their added energy efficiency makes them a great energy saver, which can save you tons of money on electricity bills. They are a sustainable power source that will help your home function at optimal performance.

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How much space does the system need?

A typical system requires about 7 to 8 square feet for each dollar of your electric bill. If you know the size of the system that you would like, then figure approx 100 square feet of roof area for every 1KW of power for crystalline panels.

How long will the system last?

The solar panels have a 25-year power warranty from the manufacturer. Inverters can have warranties up to 15 years. While many solar integrators only warrant the solar equipment, Maggio Roofing warrants the entire system from the roof to the solar, you are completely covered by one company! On top of this, many companies only guarantee their work for 1-5 years. Maggio Roofing guarantees all of their work for the life of the system. Every roof that Maggio installs comes with a Lifetime warranty. This means that you can rest assured that you will never pay for a roof repair or replacement ever again.

What happens when the utility has a power outage?

Most systems we sell are grid-ties systems, without batteries. These systems do not generate power when the utility is out, even if it is sunny. If backup power is desired, a battery back-up system needs to be added. This increases the complexity and cost. Most people are installing systems because of the financial incentives and to produce clean power. The occasional outage does not bother them, so they do not purchase the battery option, but if this is an option that interests you please discuss with one of our sales consultants.

Do the panels need to face south?

South is best, but panels installed facing east or west still generate a very high percentage of possible power. It is usually more effective (and more attractive) to install the panels in the same plane as the roof direction, rather than build an awkward mount to angle them.

What is net metering?

Net metering, which is allowed in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Colombia, occurs when your solar electric panels are generating more energy than your home needs at any given moment. This excess energy is fed back into the power grid, which means that you are selling electricity to the utility company. These electricity credits are then used to offset your power bill.

How does the solar power get stored?

In a grid-tied system, without batteries, power is not stored. It is either used immediately in the house, or sent backwards through the meter, creating a credit. You can also use batteries to store solar electricity produced during the day. Maggio Roofing can install an optional battery back-up system for you to use in conjunction with your solar electric system so you'll still have electricity if the grid goes down.

What happens if the panels get covered by snow?

Solar electric panels need sunshine to generate power. While some sun does make it through several inches of snow, little electricity is generated when the panels are covered with anything. Most power is made during clear sunny days. Our estimates take that into account.

Do I need to install a new roof before the solar panels are installed?

Since Maggio Roofing understands roofing better than any of the "solar only" integrators, we are better equipped to answer this question. Solar panels will last many years (over 25). Since this is the case, it is advisable to make sure that your roofing material should last at least as long as the solar equipment installed on top of it. More importantly, we have found that the solar contractors and manufacturers have not done their homework on how to integrate the solar equipment properly. For this reason, it is essential that a professional roofer inspect your roof before installing solar. It is also best to have the roofer actually INSTALL the panels and flashings so that leaks will not occur after the installation. While most solar companies will tell you that installations do not require a new roof prior to PV installation, they are quick to say that they will charge you to remove the panels if a leak develops. When you hire Maggio to install your solar, you can be assured that you will not have a problem with your roof after the install is complete. Another benefit is that you will have one company that will guarantee the entire system, roof and solar, not just the solar equipment.

About how much money will a solar electric system save me?

When you purchase solar power from Maggio Roofing, you are purchasing your power at a fixed rate for the next 25+years! There's no way to know how high the utility companies rates will rise in the future, but we do know that they will be higher than today. The amount of money that you can save depends on your energy consumption, your living habits, the type of appliances in your home, the size and number of your photovoltaic modules, and the specific geographic conditions of your PV location. You can learn more by submitting a request for a free solar evaluation. Depending on available incentives, utility rates, and whether we can integrate the solar into your roof, you can recover your initial investment in less than 7 years.

How can I finance a solar energy system installation?

Maggio Roofing can provide all types of payment options for your solar system. We offer no payment and no interest payment plans for up to 12 months from the installation. This will allow you to get all of your tax incentives and rebates in hand before you pay for the system. This means that most people will only have to come up with less than half the cost of the system. The balance can be financed with loans that are typically payable over a ten to twenty-five year period. Homeowners may also choose to pay for their solar electric systems by refinancing their mortgages. For those buying or building new homes, the cost of the solar electric system can be added to your mortgage.

Can I still use solar energy at night?

Solar electric modules will not produce electricity at night, since they need the sun's rays to produce electricity. When the system is not generating power, you are using the power grid for your electrical needs. During the day when you produce more electricity than you consume, you are sending that excess electricity out into the grid. During the night hours, you are essentially pulling your solar electricity back to use in your house.

How long does the installation take?

Maggio Roofing can make this process easy and painless. We take care of the design, engineering, and installation of the system including any needed roofing work. We also take care of the permitting and registration processes, if you want. Maggio Roofing makes going green as worry free as possible. Most installations can be completed within two days; however, some complex systems can take longer. The planning can take up to several weeks, however, since we inventory most of the materials, we can put a "rush" on your system and get it completed quicker, if necessary.

Are there government incentives for going solar?

Yes, there are significant incentives for going solar that can save you up to 2/3 or more on installation costs! These include federal income tax incentives as well as state grants and county property tax incentives, net metering, and Renewable Energy Credits. Click Available Incentives for specific information.

How will a solar energy system increase the value of my home?

Recent studies have determined that for every $1 decrease in your annual energy bill returns a $20 increase in property value. This is made even more valuable since there is legislation in place that makes sure your property taxes remain the same even though the value has increased due to the solar installation.

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